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Greg_05Okay... I’ll admit it. I do get passionate about homes. I don’t care what your income level is, for most people your home is your largest investment. But it goes beyond that. A person’s home is the place where one rightfully expects to find some peace regardless of whether you rent or own. So for me... rating apartments is not a trivial matter. I’ve been burned by bad landlords and scammed by unscrupulous vacation timeshare sales, and hopefully I can help others avoid those pitfalls.

My name is Greg Cox. I founded The LemonClub.com, Inc. in 1998 after getting fed up with nightmare landlords. I have rented for over 20 years. During that time I have been apartment hunting in 17 cities from the state of California to the Carolinas. I have rented in 9 states and worked for 13 different companies.

During my work at SouthMark Corporation in Dallas, I was responsible for programming the data communications that polled over 500 apartment properties. I took that data and compiled accounting reports for the CFO and statistical reports for the property managers. Now, I’m using that knowledge to report directly to the consumer via this web site. This experience, in addition to collecting apartment ratings from tenants, running a discussion forum, and being a licensed real estate agent, has given me a unique perspective into the business of apartment hunting, relocating, and job searches.

Unsuspecting consumers have unknowingly moved into homes where toxic ground water problems have caused illness, or sink holes have caused chimneys to literally fall apart, and some have discovered bombs in their backyard because it was once a bombing range for the military. So the best person to ask about the apartment or home that you want to rent is NOT the person who is trying to profit from it. One of the best things you can do is to talk with someone who has already rented that property. The same logic applies to interviewing and job hunting. So a major part of our mission is to help you make the right connections that will lead to the right decisions.

The LemonClub is not involved with renting any properties nor affiliated with any property management company.

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